Sunday, March 6, 2016


Here we have a band that remembers how to put some "thump" into their tracks.  Very reminiscent of some of the better 80s style production where the driving beat leads from the front and the guys carefully craft a very catchy tune that is tailor made for singing along.  The guys create an effective harmony by layering two styles of singing that coincide with a jangly propulsive guitar.  Watch the video until the end for a laugh!  

Artist: Yeek
Origin: Los Angeles, California USA

Sunday, January 17, 2016


This artist is picking up the mantle of the great pop punk bands of the past and putting its own input on the genre. I feel a good connection to this sound as it manages to frame its surfy styled vocalist with a solid post punk derived rhythm section,  The solid guitars are expertly placed with the hand of amazing production strategies.  Ride out a few tracks with BRONCHO!  I believe this is a great road trip sound.    

Origin: Norman, Oklahoma USA
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