Sunday, March 6, 2016


Here we have a band that remembers how to put some "thump" into their tracks.  Very reminiscent of some of the better 80s style production where the driving beat leads from the front and the guys carefully craft a very catchy tune that is tailor made for singing along.  The guys create an effective harmony by layering two styles of singing that coincide with a jangly propulsive guitar.  Watch the video until the end for a laugh!  

Artist: Yeek
Origin: Los Angeles, California USA

Sunday, January 17, 2016


This artist is picking up the mantle of the great pop punk bands of the past and putting its own input on the genre. I feel a good connection to this sound as it manages to frame its surfy styled vocalist with a solid post punk derived rhythm section,  The solid guitars are expertly placed with the hand of amazing production strategies.  Ride out a few tracks with BRONCHO!  I believe this is a great road trip sound.    

Origin: Norman, Oklahoma USA

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Title Fight

These guys have apparently adopted a stylistic transformation and now appear to be wonderful new additions to the shoegaze camp.  Their clashing surf guitars merge and fold within magnificent combinations to the fabric of a well designed alternating aggressive/ dreamy vocal style. Their current path conveniently nods to their past while promising even greater returns to their future yet to come.  Our future as music fans looks bright with artists like this fabricating gems such as "Rose of Sharon."

Origin: Kingston, PA
Artist: Title Fight

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Imagenes En Oscuridad

Fresh off the presses comes this sapphire-like shiny monument to the timeless ultra-dark synth symposiums of deca-dancing of years gone by as well as that which has yet to come.  This track features an irresistible circulation-driving pulsating synth which serves as the stage for the other various audio delicacies that dance in and out as the track rolls on.  The vocalist/songwriter provides the powerful melody that is apparently crafted from the very shadows of tortured places that only approach definition through artistic labors such as song, poetry and film. This music video conveniently provides all three forms of creativity.  Get your full dose of artistic darkness by watching this right now!

Artist: Imagenes En Oscuridad
Origin: Miami, Florida USA

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Charlie Hilton

Blouse's splendid vocalist Charlie Hilton has been working on some solo material while Blouse is on break and this is the first single off it! The track features some interesting starts and stops that propel the song forward over its sort of pony-hoof beat.  Hilton's vocals as usual are the glue that holds the track together as just the song seems to unwind and unravel, it springs back stronger and stronger until the pony finally kicks us off at the end.  The track leaves you wanting to jump back on for another ride.

Artist: Charlie Hilton
Origin: Portland, Oregon USA

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Young Prisms

This album is perfect for all those long winter Sundays to come for when you need something to soundtrack your daydreams.  It is clear that this music belongs in the shoegaze family and its shifty colorful sounds meld very well with the lost-in-the-caverns of an urban apocalypse kind of vibe that runs throughout the various stylistic tunes on this album. Take a listen and make sure you have your favorite warm beverage with you and your most comfy blanket to scurry under.

Artist: Young Prisms
Origin: San Francisco, California USA

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Although this video isn't super brand new, it is new enough and good enough to where I felt the artist deserves mention/love on this blog.  The track has an excellent balance of easy going, singable lyrics carefully layered on top of a New-Orderish high quality rhythm section.   It seems like the bass has been doubled in lots of the songs, and for bass-lovers like me, it's bliss!   This song in particular also is versatile in that it can be utilized for anything such as driving or relaxing at home or even some dancing at a club if your local DJ is up with the Tunes!

Artist: OK Go
Origin: Los Angeles, California USA
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